YRKKH 9th September 2022 Written Update: Kunal thinks of separating Abhimanyu and Akshara

YRKKH 12th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Akshara Reaches Udaipur to meet Abhimanyu

12th September 2022: Star Plus’s popular show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) is going to witness intense drama. The show is gearing up for many interesting twists and turns in upcoming episodes.

Akshara tells Abhimanyu that she just wants to be with him and this accident is just a reason for them to meet. She hugs him. She wears his hoodie.

Kunal says that Akshara is not lifting the call and he should know where she actually is. He waits at a Hospital and runs there. Maya gets worried thinking everything.

Manjiri comes rushing to Abhimanyu and thanks God. Harsh gets furious. Anand says that Doctors are good in their roles.

Manjiri blames Akshara and says that she thought she will make Abhimanyu happy.

Akshara tells Kunal that she don’t want to argue with him. Kunal says that she has broke her promise.

Manjiri gets emotional

Akshara tells him that she just saved him and it’s his Karma. Kunal asks to leave. She denies and mocks him for being soo selfish. She says that he took oath to protect patients but he isn’t thinking about it.

She calls him selfish. She remember the Past where she has asked him to do the surgery to which he agreed but he left in the middle. He asks her to agree to the deal and requests her. She agrees.

At present she asks him not to stop her. Manjiri cries seeing his state. She holds Akshara responsible for it. Kunal tells Akshara that she can go to Abhimanyu later.

Abhimanyu calls for Akshara in unconscious state. Manjiri cries. She says how Abhimanyu suffered. She says his wounds never filled.

Anand says it is not right. Mahima says what if Akshara comes. Manjiri says that Abhimanyu won’t even look at her. Akshara who has come there breaks down hearing it. She decides not to stay away from him.

Maya cries wondering whether Akshara left and requests him to bring her and threatens to die.

Akshara is locked and asks to open the door. She calls herself stupid for thinking that she will set everything. She thinks that she will console him.

Abhimanyu wakes up calling for Akshara. He asks how he came here. Anand says he got into an accident. Manjiri says a girl brought him here. He remember what happened.

Precap: Kunal tells Akshara that they left to Udaipur. Akshara says she will go there too. Abhimanyu is doing The Lord Ganesh Ji’s aarti. Abhimanyu gets shocked as Akshara comes there.

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