YHC: Rudraksh to marry Prisha after Rajeev’s death in an accident (Spoiler)

In the upcoming story of Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC), viewers will see an interesting twist where Rudraksh will marry Prisha after Rajiv’s death in an accident.

So far we have seen that Rajeev learned an emotional truth that Saransh is his and Mahima’s son. As well as Yuvraj is the real person who is blackmailing him.

Now as per the latest news, we will see a new turn in the storyline when Rajeev will meet an accident and will die on the spot.

Prisha will confess that he killed Rajeev in an accident that shatters Rudraksh.

Later we will see Prisha will be sent behind the bars but Rudraksh is very much angry and vows to not leave Prisha.

Rudraksh fills Prisha’s hairline in the wedding ceremony

Hence to take his revenge, Rudraksh hires lawyer Yuvraj to handle Prisha’s case and bring her out of jail at any cost.

Yuvraj did the same and Prisha will be out of jail where Yuvraj will request her to get married now.

On Yuvraj-Prisha’s wedding, Rudraksh will make his entry and during rituals, he will fill Prisha’s hairline.

If this is true, then it would be very interesting to see how Rudraksh will take his brother’s revenge from his wife Prisha.

BONUS: We have also heard the news that Prisha is not the real culprit behind Rajiv’s accidental death and it is Yuvraj who killed him.

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