YHC: Rudraksh learns Saransh is Rajiv’s son, Rudraksh marry with Prisha

In the upcoming story of Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC), viewers will see an interesting twist where Rudraksh learns Saransh is Rajiv’s son and later decides to marry with Prisha.

Till now we have seen that Yuvraj has declared Prisha convicted in the verdict and to be hanged till death.

Prisha, GPS, and Vasundhra shattered with this verdict but Yuvraj executes a good plan and handles it very cleverly.

Here Rockstar Rudraksh learns a shocking truth that Rajiv has a son and he is none other than Saransh.

Rudraksh is happy knowing this and confronts Prisha and blames her that she was blackmailing his brother Rajiv.

Rudraksh plans to marry with Prisha, Yuvraj nervous

Rudraksh will also reveal to Prisha that Rajiv has already created a huge trust fund of Rs. 50 Lakhs per month for his son Saransh.

Prisha has no answer to this blames and doesn’t want to disclose the truth.

On the other side, Yuvraj will learn that Saransh is the owner of huge income and thus decides to marry Prisha ASAP.

Here Rudraksh is also ready to marry Prisha to take revenge from her and snatch Saransh’s custody from her.

Now it would be very interesting to see who will succeed to get married with Prisha. Yuvraj or Rudraksh?

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