YHC: Rudra Preesha’s romantic dance, Saransh to take revenge from Ahana

Star Plus’s serial Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) is up for the high voltage drama with Rudra-Preesha’s romantic dance in the sangeet ceremony.

So far we have seen that Rudraksh and Preesha are spending a romantic time with cute nokh-jokh in Bunty-Bubbles’s Haldi ceremony.

Now during their sangeet, Rudra-Prisha will have a romantic dance and by this Yuvraj and Mishka will get jealous.

On the other side, cute Saaransh is looking for a chance to take revenge from Ahana-Mishka on what they did with Preesha.

When Ahana-Mishka were getting ready for the sangeet, at that time Saransh sprinkled itching powder on them.

Preesha stopped Balraj‘s hand

During Ahana-Mishka’s dance performance, they will feel itchy due to the powder reaction.

Ahana gets fumed in anger seeing Saaransh laughing as all this is done by him.

On the other hand, Balraj gets angry over his wife as he ordered her to not come on stage.

But she came on stage and they lost in the dance face-off in the opposite of Gopal and Vasu.

Hence Balraj gets angry over her and tries to slap her but at the right time, Preesha stops his hand and warns him to don’t try to do this.

Now it would be very interesting to see Ahana next step after this move and what will be Balraj’s reaction to Preesha?

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