YHC: Ahana use Saransh in her plan, Prisha turns a savior

Star Plus newly launched serial Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) is up for high voltage drama in the upcoming storyline.

So far we have seen that Prisha forcefully started living with Rudraksh in his house with son Saransh.

This entry created problems in Ahana. Mishika,and Balraj heart and they want Prisha to be out of this house.

Rudraksh is also angry and don’t want to live with Prisha but he is doing all this for Saransh’s custody.

Later we will see Gopal and Vasu visits Khurana’s house where Rudraksh orders Prisha to do all the household work.

Rudraksh has already started his revenge from Prisha.

Ahana to slap Saransh, Prisha fumes in anger

On the other hand, Ahana wants to throw Saransh-Prisha from house but she is looking for a chance.

Now she created a plan and uses Saransh to fulfill her motive.

Ahana gave Balraj’s business contract papers to Saransh and said him to shred it in shredder machine.

Innocent Saransh did the same and later Balraj searches his papers and get to know that it is destroyed by Saransh. Balraj fumes in anger and will scold him.

Here Saransh will say that Ahana said him to do that where she gets angry over him.

Ahana tries to slap Saransh and Prisha will stop her from doing this.

Prisha also warns Ahana and others to stay away from her son.

Now it would be very interesting to see what will be Rudraksh’s reaction on it and what Prisha’s father will do to save his daughter and grand son from this hell.

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