Yeh Hai Chahatein: Saransh gets kidnapped, Prisha-Rudraksh worried

Star Plus’s popular daily soap Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) is up for the new twist with new Saransh’s kidnapping.

So far we have seen a new Saransh’s entry in the show replacing Vidhaan Sharma. The role of new Saransh is played by Yagya Bhasin.

Now we will see a cute fight between Rudraksh and Preesha, but Saransh is fed up with this.

Saransh wants Rudraksh-Prisha to live a happy life as an ideal parents.

Thus, Saransh plans to teach a lesson to them and plays a fake kidnapping game.

Rudraksh-Prisha’s new problem

Saransh asks them to make a promise to never fight again and do as he wants from them.

But now the twist is that, the Saransh will actually go missing and somebody will kidnap him.

Prisha and Rudraksh gets shocked and tries to search for him everywhere in the house.

Now it would be interesting to see who kidnapped Saransh and whether Preesha-Rudraksh will be able to find Saransh or not.

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