Yeh Hai Chahatein: Prisha suspects Balraj, Saransh in trouble

Star Plus serial Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) is up for a new drama in the upcoming story where Prisha suspects Balraj, Yuvraj to bribe the judge.

So far we have seen that Yuvraj has stolen Gopal’s money, Balraj Khurana is also hiding something.

As we know that Balraj met Niketan Singhania’s secretary Natasha but he is hiding this.

This creates strong doubts in Prisha’s mind and now she will again notice them together in Khurana house.

Prisha decides to learn and reveal the hidden secret behind it.

On the other hand, a lady is shown targeting Prisha’s son Saransh and is trying to hurt and kidnap him.

It looks like she is none other than Rudraksh’s mother and maybe she is doing all this by the order given by mastermind Niketan Singhania.

Yuvraj tries to bribe the judge

On the other side, greedy Yuvraj now has 10 lacs but he is not happy with it and is behind Saransh’s trust fund.

But for this, he needs Saransh’s custody and wants to get his judge degree back, so he decides to bribe the judge.

Yuvraj meets the judge in a bar where he tries to give Rs. 10 lacs to him.

The judge gets angry over Yuvraj’s deal and throws him out from the bar.

Now it would be very interesting to see whether Prisha will learn Balraj-Natasha’s truth or not and who is the real mastermind that is trying to kidnap Saransh?

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