Anupamaa: Vanraj to request Anupama for a second chance

Anupamaa: Vanraj to request Anupama for a second chance

Star Plus popular daily soap Anupamaa is witnessing a mixed emotions with high melo drama.

Vanraj is stunned by Kavya’s action to ruin Samar and Nandini’s engagement.

Shah family gets upset by hearing that the divorce date of Vanraj and Anupama has arrived.

Baa asks Anupama to choose between any two either Samar and Nandini’s engagement or the divorce.

But Anupama says that she has made her mind to divorce Vanraj and will not back out.

On the other hand, Vanraj clarifies to Kavya that he regrets loving her and now want to break all the ties.

Anupamaa and Vanraj’s emotional breakdown

After a bitter argument with Kavya, Vanraj comes back to Anupama.

He requests Anupamaa to not leave him, he says he realises all his mistakes and now want to make them right.

Vanraj begs her to stay in his life as his wife.

Will Anupamaa cancel the divorce? Will she forgive Vanraj?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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