The Voice 2022 Finalists – Season 22 Top 5

NBC’s singing reality show The Voice 2022 (Season 22) reached it’s grand finale with Top 5 finalists.

Last week we got the best 8 semi-finalists who will compete in the Semi-Final round to reserve their spot in the finale event.

From these 8 semi-finalists, the 4 singers with the most votes move on to the finale of The Voice.

While the bottom four contestants competed in the Instant Save for the fifth and final spot in the finale.

At the end, we got the Top 5 finalists who will compete in the Finale to become the winner of The Voice 2022.

The Voice 2022 Finalists

On December 6th, 2022, bodie, Bryce, Brayden, and Morgan became the first four finalists of The Voice. While Parijita, Omar, Kim, and Justin competed in the Instant Save. From them, Omar became the 5th finalist.

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Sr No.Contestant NameAgeTeamStatus
1Morgan Myles35CamilaFinalist
2Bryce Leatherwood22BlakeFinalist
3Brayden Lape15BlakeFinalist
5Omar Jose Cardona33LegendFinalist

Talking about the 2-day grand finale, The Voice Season 22 finale is on December 12-13, 2022. The LIVE Finale Part-1 will start on Monday 8:00 PM and Part-2 is on Tuesday 9:00 PM.

Let’s see who becomes the winner of this season.

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63 Replies to “The Voice 2022 Finalists – Season 22 Top 5”

  1. It’s the choice of America so does that mean. Your done with America? Please you may not hear what others do. The ones there are all great they are not without flaws or mistakes but are you?

  2. I think the singers voted off were good but not likely to make a record anytime soon. The ones pick sang music that is more liked by most people. I think Bodie is a good singer but I don’t think he should win. My pick would be Morgan or Bryce.

  3. Brayden top 5? His halls haven’t even dropped. Good looking kid, but his voice is not better than the 3 that went home

  4. I am totally shocked..The top 4 are a joke, with the exception of Bodie…the bottom 4 should’ve been the top 4. I will no longer watch..

    • If you voted for their last performance I can understand why some of them were eliminated. Omar’s voice is great every time. The girl from Nepal normally sings great however she didn’t pull it off when she sang for the save. It is a hard call!

    • ‘I’m sick of of Blake and his Country singers
      taking over the show. The most talented singers were the 3 they sent home.
      I’m really upset over this.
      Screw the Voice.
      Back to AGT…..
      SCREW BLAKE………🖕

    • All of America voted, just because you don’t agree you won’t watch. You sound like a 5 year old child that didn’t get it’s way. I certainly didn’t agree with them all but guess what America spoke.

      • I agree. I go by whose music I would actually buy and I pray one of them win. But I am not going to be outraged by the color of the skin. How childish.

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