The Voice 2021 Winner, Runner-up Name, Prize Money (The Voice US)

USA’s most favorite singing reality show The Voice 2021 (Season 21) reached it’s finale episode with top 5 finalists.

The Voice 2021 started this season on September 20, 2021 with judges Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Blake Shelton and Ariana Grande. It was hosted and presented by Carson Daly.

After many blind audition rounds, we got top 48 contestants who competed in The Battles, Knockouts, and Live Shows.

At the end of the Semi-finals, we got the top 5 finalists for the grand finale of The Voice Season 21.

From them, one singer will be awarded as the winner of The Voice based on the votes received from US audience.

The winner of The Voice will get this year’s trophy 🏆, prize money of US$100,000 💰 and a record deal with Universal Music Group 🧑‍🎤 for winning the competition.

At the finale episode, we will see Top 13 performing once again on the stage. We will also see performances of special guest singers such as ED Sheeran, Jennifer Lopez, Carrie Underwood, Alicia Keys, Coldplay, Keke Palmer, Tori Kelly and Walker Hayes.

The Voice 2021 Finalists

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Sr No.Contestant NameAgeTeamStatusPrize Money
1Girl Named Tom20-26KellyWinner$100,000
2Jershika Maple24Legend5th PlaceN/A
3Paris Winningham32Blake3rd PlaceN/A
4Hailey Mia13Kelly4th PlaceN/A
5Wendy Moten56BlakeRunner-upN/A

The Voice 2021 Winner Details

The winner of The Voice 2021 is Girl Named Tom.

Winner Name: Girl Named Tom 🏆

Runner-up Name: Wendy Moten

3rd Place: Paris Winningham

4th Place: Hailey Mia

5th Place: Jershika Maple

The Voice 2021 Winner Prediction

As per our prediction, it looks like we will have a very tough competition between Girl Named Tom and Jershika Maple.

Let’s see who becomes the winner of The Voice 2021.

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20 Replies to “The Voice 2021 Winner, Runner-up Name, Prize Money (The Voice US)”

  1. The three of them combined are not as talented as the other finalist individually. Period. I’m extremely sad they won, Wendy was my girl, and Jershika and Paris, just omg. I couldn’t ever even find words to describe how much I loved them and all of their performances. Honestly, I wanted Wendy to win so bad, and between Jershika and Paris, I LITERALLY cannot pick one over the other. It really sucks how it turned out.

  2. The Voice, is suppose to be just that, not the trio. The name Voice, means a person, not persons. They should not have people using instruments, to enhanced their singing voices. Nor more than one person singing. If that is the case, they should change the name to trios, instruments and Voices. I congratulate Girl Named Tom on their win, but you can’t even dance 🩰 on the music they sing. I feel, Jershika and Wendy had the best voices. That’s my opinion.

    • The name The Voice is not to imply a single person. It is based on the fact that initially teams are chosen only based on the vocals and not on appearance, etc.. by the judges. And since when does being able to dance to something indicate worth of a song? That’s a super odd statement.

  3. Thought this was an amateur show to give them a chance to become professional!! This isn’t the first time backup singer’s have been on the show. I think The Voice should rethink their policy. Can’t be considered a amateur show anymore.

  4. It is difficult to watch the show and commit to it, only to find that the end result is not what it should be. I think the producers should evaluate how the winner is actually selected. I agree that the show is quality, but it will
    definitely lose viewers based on unjustified, unfair, upsetting end results.

  5. the top 5 finalists should automatically get a one record deal. and the winner would also get prize money, and the following 4 should get a prorated prize, as all are winners if they get to the finale and perform on the finale.

  6. Congratulations girl name Tom.The people are Complaining because a white group won always got to put color it. Bottom line the best won whether it’s an individual or a group If you pay attention even individuals had backup singers Girl named Tom didn’t need backup singers as much Because they harmonize as a group and are so talented The top 5 had a lot of talent. I don’t care what color they are.I like them all they all will get a Recording contract and prize money because they’re all talented .American voted The outcome
    had nothing to do with the voice staff.
    GIRL NAME TOM#1 🏆 Congratulations to the top 5 all we’re very talented and have a bright future we will hear them all on the Radio 📻 The Voice is the best show on TV

    • I concur. I think that the correct person/group won. The final decision was based on a public vote, and as usual those who were disappointed about the outcome want to complain and overthrow the majority… sounds a lot like American politics to me…

  7. I have been watching the Voice every since it first aired, but this will be my last time. The best singer did not win, this started out as a singing contest BUT has turned into a popularity contest. I believe there should not be groups competing with single singers. This is not fair, instead there should be a category for groups. Wendy and Paris sang rings around A Girl Name Tom!!!!!!

      • You need to stop coming here accusing people of deciding things based on color, when you have that dumb screen name that is clearly about antagonizing people. Get a life. They don’t need to agree with your opinion of who should have won. They can have a difference of opinion, and not have it be about color, which you keep pointing out.

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