Swaran Ghar: Vikram's ugly plan; Swaran gets Nakul-Yug's support

Swaran Ghar: Vikram’s ugly plan; Swaran gets Nakul-Yug’s support

Colors TV’s popular serial Swaran Ghar is all set to grab the viewers attention with its spicy and dramatic storyline in the upcoming episodes.

Ajit learns about Divya’s lie thus tells her to go with him to the police station and file a FIR against Swaran.

Divya denies, Ajit says they can’t let go Swaran as she slapped his daughter thus asks Divya to go to Swaran Ghar with him.

That when Divya spills the bean says that swaraj didn’t slap her, she edited the video. Ajit says he was proud of his children but now is disappointed with her.

While Nakul decides to support Swaran and not fall in Kiran and Vikram’s plan and manipulation.

Vikram’s plan

Kiran fears as Nakul now patches up with Swaran that when Vikram asks her not to worry.

He says he did something very big and to know she needs to wait till the morning.

What more drama is waiting ahead? What is Vikram’s plan?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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