Swaran Ghar: Kanwaljeet's pind daan failed; Swaran proved innocent

Swaran Ghar: Kanwaljeet’s pind daan failed; Swaran proved innocent

Colors TV’s popular serial Swaran Ghar is all set to grab the viewers attention with its spicy and dramatic storyline in the upcoming episodes.

Ajit promises Swaran that he would prove her innocent. He goes to the shop to meet Amrinder.

Amrinder tells him that he got threat calks to speak lie. He gives Ajit the pendrive carrying the Ramleela video as evidence.

Ajit tells Swaran everything and also tells him that Vikram blackmailed Amrinder to hide the truth from Bebe.

On the other hand Bebe restricted Swaran from attending Kanwaljeet’s pind daan. She asks Kiran to do the arrangements.

Swaran tells kiran that she will do all the arrangements but she need to stop bebe from coming.

Everyone praises the arrangements and Bebe gives the credit to Kiran.

Everyone shocked

Kanwaljeet’s pind daan is failed. Panditji sats no crow had the offerings which means the pind daan in failed.

Arav says Kanwaljeet never ate without Swaran thus he must be missing her. Meanwhile Swaran enters and offer food for the crows.

What more drama is waiting ahead?

Stag tuned for more updates on Swaran Ghar.

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