Swaran Ghar: Kanwaljeet's shock question Swaran; Ajit meets an accident

Swaran Ghar: Kanwaljeet’s shocking question Swaran; Ajit meets an accident

Colors Tv popular serial Swaran Ghar is all set to grab the viewers attention with its spicy and dramatic storyline in the upcoming episodes.

Vikram shocked Swaran with his idea of selling the Swaran Ghar and sending the property agent.

Though Swaran refuses to sell the house at any cost but Vikram tries on convincing his siblings.

Meanwhile Kanwaljeet invites Ajit to their wedding anniversary where swaran meets him after a long time.

Later after the celebration, Kanwaljeet asks Swaran that how does it feels after meeting Ajit after a so many years.

Ajit’s accident

Ajit after attending Swaran’s anniversary celebration was returning home.

On his way to home he meets a deadly accident.

What more drama is waiting ahead? Will Ajit survive the accident?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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