Swaran Ghar: Ajit responds to Swaran's voice; Nakul-Vikram gets into a into a fight

Swaran Ghar: Ajit responds to Swaran’s voice; Nakul-Vikram gets into a fight

Colors TV’s popular serial Swaran Ghar is all set to grab the viewers attention with its spicy and dramatic storyline in the upcoming episodes.

Amber goes in disguise of a nurse to Ajit’s cabin and asks Divya to leave. Then she puts earphones on Ajit’s ears.

Ambar plays the Swaran’s recording which she recorded earlier where she asks Ajit to gets up.

Ajit responds to Swaran’s voice and comes into his senses and murmurs Swaran’s name.

Swaran thanks God for listening to her prayers while Yug comes and comforts Swaran and promises to safeguard her.

Meanwhile Nakul beats Vikram for conspiring against Ajit. He says Vikram can go to jail of Ajit dies.

Swaran faints

Ajit’s condition gets worst when doctors decides to shift him to somewhere else.

Meanwhile Swaran faints in the gurudwara. Both swaran and ajit are now in same ambulance.

Swaran’s dupatta touches Ajit and all of a sudden nurse informs that Ajit’s heartbeat is now stable.

What more drama is waiting ahead?

Stay tuned for more updates on Swaran Ghar.

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