Survivor Season 42 Elimination Tonight – CBS Survivor 2022 Vote Out

CBS favorite reality show Survivor Season 42 got an great start with from it’s premiere episode.

In Survivor Season 42 we are enjoying all the 18 contestants of 3 different tribes i.e. Vati, Taku and Ika.

All these players are giving their 100% efforts to stay safe in this competition and every week’s vote out process.

At the end, one survivor will be awarded as the winner of Survivor Season 42.

Check out below for Survivor 2022 updates, who was sent home as well as the voted off contestants list.

On May 25, 2022, we saw remaining final 5 competed in the 3-hour finale. At the end we got the winner of Survivor Season 42.

Survivor Season 42 Vote Out News

On May 25, 2022, the top 3 were Romeo, Maryanne and Mike. From them, Maryanne became the winner of Survivor Season 42 with 7 out of votes, Mike ended his journey as first runner-up with 1 vote while Romeo as 2nd runner-up with 0 vote. Before this, Lindsay and Jonathan got eliminated and joined the jurors.

On May 18, 2022, the bottom 3 survivors were Romeo, Omar and Jonathan. Omar got 3 votes while Romeo-Jonathan received 2-2 votes. So at the end, Omar got eliminated from Survivor Season 42.

On May 11, 2022, it was between Drea and Mike. Drea got 5 votes while Mike received 3 votes. So at the end, Drea got voted out from Survivor Season 42.

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Sr no.Contestant NameAgeFromTribeStatus
1Chanelle Howell29New YorkVatiEliminated
(April 20, 2022)
2Daniel Strunk30ConnecticutVatiEliminated
(April 6, 2022)
3Drea Wheeler35CanadaIkaEliminated
(May 11, 2022)
4Hai Giang29LouisianaVatiEliminated
(May 4, 2022)
5Jackson Fox48HoustonTakuWithdrew
(March 11, 2022)
6Jenny Kim43BrooklynVatiEliminated
(March 23, 2022)
7Jonathan Young29AlabamaTakuEliminated
8Lindsay Dolashewich31New JerseyTakuEliminated
9Lydia Meredith22CaliforniaVatiEliminated
(April 13, 2022)
10Marya Sherron47IndianaTakuEliminated
(March 16, 2022)
11Maryanne Oketch24OntarioTakuWinner 🏆
12Mike Turner58HobokenVatiRunner-up
13Omar Zaheer31OntarioTakuEliminated
(May 18, 2022)
14Rocksroy Bailey44Las VegasIkaEliminated
(April 27, 2022)
15Romeo Escobar37NorwalkIka2nd Runner-up
16Swati Goel19Palo AltoIkaEliminated
(March 30, 2022)
17Tori Meehan25ArkansasIkaEliminated
(April 27, 2022)
18Zach Wurtenberger22MissouriIkaEliminated
(March 11, 2022)

Survivor Season 42 Jury Members

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Sr no.Juror

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