Survivor Season 41 Winner, Runner-up Name, CBS Survivor 2021 Prize Money

America’s favorite reality competition series Survivor Season 41 (CBS Survivor 2021) reached it’s finals with top 5 finalists.

CBS Survivor started season 41 on September 22, 2021 with 18 contestants (players) who were divided into three tribes i.e. Luvu, Ua, and Yase.

Now from these 18 contestants, we got top 5 finalists who will compete in the final challenge to win this year’s title.

On December 15, 2021, at the end of the final battle the top 3 will move forward while remaining 2 will get eliminated and join the jurors.

This will be followed by the winner, runner-up names announcement based on the jury votes.

The winner of Survivor 2021 will get the Sole Survivor Title 🏆 along with a prize money of US$1,000,000 💰

Survivor Season 41 Finalists

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Sr No.Contestant NameAgeFromStatusPrize Money
1Deshawn Radden26Miami, FLRunner-upN/A
2Erika Casupanan32Toronto, CanadaWinner$1 million
3Heather Aldret52Charleston, SCEliminatedN/A
4Ricard Foye31Sedro-Woolley, WAEliminatedN/A
5Xander Hastings20Chicago, IL2nd Runner-upN/A

Survivor Season 41 Jury Members

The current jury members of Survivor 41 are: Heather, Richard, Danny, Liana, Shan, Evvie, Naseer and Tiffany.

Survivor Season 41 Winner Details

The winner of Survivor Season 41 is Erika Casupanan. She defeated DeShawn and Xander by 7–1–0 votes.

Winner Name: Erika Casupanan 🏆 (7 Votes)

Runner-up Name: DeShawn (1 Vote — Danny)

2nd Runner-up Name: Xander (0 Vote)

Survivor Season 41 Winner Prediction

Looking at the entire journey, as per our prediction Erika or Deshawn might become the winner of Survivor Season 41.

Let’s wait and watch who will lift this year’s Survivor title.

Stay connected with us for all the latest updates and news about Survivor Season 41.

5 Replies to “Survivor Season 41 Winner, Runner-up Name, CBS Survivor 2021 Prize Money”

  1. Have watched since Rudy #1 Survivor. This is the first one that was allowed to be racial, LBGT and not just a true game I am glad the black pack fell apart. Xander was my choice to win, DeShawn for 2nd and Erika for 3rd. No more “come on in guys” just stupid and very immature and glad the guy that instigated that foolishness did not finish in the top 3! My own thoughts but this may have been my last Survivor.

    • Once Jeff started the nonsense with not saying “come on in guys” . . . I turned it right off and will never watch again. Used to be one of my favorite shows- not anymore 😪. Bye survivor- another thing the left destroyed.

  2. Xander should have won survivor.He played such a good game compared to Erika, she just tailed on everyone else while Xander was by himself his whole time and he made up his whole tribe the first days.

    • I agree ! My feeling is it should be a non player independent jury outsiders should be the ones voting on the winner . Xander hands down 100% should have been the top winner , yet got no votes how’s that? It’s wrong

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