Super Singer Junior 8 Contestants List – Super Singer Top 20

Vijay TV kids singing reality show Super Singer Junior 8 (Super Singer 2021) started it’s 8th season with top 20 contestants list.

Super Singer 8 Junior had a grand launch of this new season on 19th December 2021.

The 8th season will be judged by 4 super talented judges K. S. Chithra, Shankar Mahadevan, Kalpana Raghavendra and S.P. Charan. It will be hosted and presented by Ma Ka Pa Anand.

Talking about the contestants, makers has disclosed the names of all the top 20 singers of Super Singer Junior 8 who will divided in 2 teams of our 4 judges (Shankar-Kalpana’s Don Dada and Chithra-Charan’s Rowdy Baby Team).

Check out below for all the kids contestants names who are going to participate in this amazing musical-singing journey.

Super Singer Junior 8 Start Date / Telecast Details

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Show NameSuper Singer Junior (2021)
ChannelVijay TV & Disney+ Hotstar
Start Date19th December 2021
Telecast TimeSat-Sun at 6:30 PM
Repeat TelecastMon-Tue at 7:00 AM

Super Singer Junior 8 Contestants

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Sr No.Contestant NameTeamStatus
1RamanaaDon DadaCompeting
2VygaRowdy BabyCompeting
3RihanaDon DadaCompeting
4SrimathiDon DadaCompeting
5KrishangRowdy BabyCompeting
6MosesDon DadaCompeting
7SeethaDon DadaCompeting
8HarikrishnanRowdy BabyCompeting
9NehaDon DadaCompeting
10TrinitaRowdy BabyCompeting
11MithusreeRowdy BabyCompeting
12SarveshDon DadaCompeting
13AfinaRowdy BabyCompeting
14AadyaDon DadaCompeting
15VaibhavDon DadaCompeting
16AvyukthDon DadaCompeting
17AditiRowdy BabyCompeting
18DeepanRowdy BabyCompeting
19AathiRowdy BabyCompeting
20DharshanaRowdy BabyCompeting

Super Singer Junior 8 Promos

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2 Replies to “Super Singer Junior 8 Contestants List – Super Singer Top 20”

  1. Sorry it should be Krishang in my previous post.
    I hope others will agree with me- The judges should refrain from telling the kids “you are top 5 or top 3 or whatever’ as this could play with their emotions. These are kids-14 or younger and all they need is encouragement and some corrections/suggestions in a diplomatic way, which is expertly done by Chitra chechi. Please do not hype them up now itself as a top 5 and top 3 etc and we have all seen what had happened in the past.
    It will be also good if the Judges- particularly Kalpana and Shankar Ji- do not come down until the kid completes the song. No matter how well it wad done. You can see in SSJ6 poor Sinmaye was left in an awkward position not once but 4 times and they once came mid song when Anushya was singing!!
    Oh well I hope they refrain from getting on to the stage till the song is done and the director madam will take notice of this!!

  2. There is Neha at the top by a distance – a natural talent- and then a number of others- Trinita, Darsana, Trishang, Sri Mathi, Afina, Rihanna, Hari and a few more chasing her. This group might make the top 10 and then we will see how these kids stand the rigors. Quite amazing to see these little ones performing so well. Kids don’t forget to do well in your studies also!!

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