Super Singer 9 Winner, Runner-up Name, Prize Money – 2023

Vijay TV’s singing reality show Super Singer 9 (Super Singer 2022-2023) reached its live grand finale with top 5 finalists.

These 5 finalists performed for the very last time on the Super Singer 2023’s finale stage.

At the end we got the winner and runner-ups based on the public votes.

The winner of Super Singer 9 got a brand new Trophy 🏆 along with the prize money 💸 as well as an apartment worth Rs. 60 lacs.

Super Singer Season 9 LIVE finale is on Sunday, 25th June 2023 from 3pm onwards.

Super Singer 9 Finalists

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Sr No.Contestant NameStatusPrize Money
1Abhijit Anil Kumar3rd Runner-upN/A
2Aruna SivayaWinner 🏆Rs. 10 lakh + 🏠
3Pooja Venkatraman3rd Runner-up N/A
4Priya Jerson1st Runner-up Rs. 10 lakh
5Prasanna Adhisesha2nd Runner-up Rs. 5 lakh

Super Singer 9 Winner Details

the winner of Super Singer Season 9 is Aruna. She got 10 lakh winning prize money.

Winner Name: Aruna

First Runner-up Name: Priya Jerson

Second Runner-up Name: Prasanna

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16 Replies to “Super Singer 9 Winner, Runner-up Name, Prize Money – 2023”

  1. Top singers and their talents should always be valued. Judges favors their likings, which is not correct. The public opinion really matters a lot

  2. I wish the judges’ marks are given more value. Public votes should count less as public do not understand the intricacies of the music. I will not days this about all Byers. Some are very knowledgeable and do understand the nuances of the music.

  3. Bad selection. Aruna is not at all deserved to win. Sge is not a versatile singer she can sung only in make type of voices Abhijit or Prasanna deserved to win

  4. Decided competition. THEY HAVE ALREADY DECIDED THE WINNER.Abijith and Pooja are very good singers they have Totally ignored.It’s fraud.

  5. The voting system shouldn’t be used for finals. It’s a talent competition and not voting competition

  6. I want the top singer with a variety of songs to win. Public voting often lets them down. Judges’ votes carries virtually no value.

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