Super Singer 9 Elimination Today, Danger Zone Contestants, Best Performer

Vijay TV’s singing reality show Super Singer 9 (2022) got great start with top 20 selected contestants.

These 20 contestants are giving their 100% performances to win the seat in Super Five Zone as well as the Best Performer of the week award.

Each week, judges decides top 5 and bottom 5 singers. The top 5 will be safe while the bottom 5 will fall in the danger zone who will face elimination next week.

This elimination will be based on number of votes received from viewers. The contestant with least number of public votes gets eliminated from Super Singer Season 9.

On 25th June 2023, we saw grand finale of Super Singer Season 9. At the end, Aruna became the winner of this season.

On 17th-18th June 2023, we saw Pre-finale of Super Singer Season 9 with our top 5 finalists.

Check out below for the elimination news, singers in danger zone as well as who got best performer and entertainer of the week award.

Super Singer 9 Best Performer

On 28th May 2023, Aruna was declared as the Best Performer of the Week. While Pooja was announced as the Best Entertainer of the Week.

On 21st May 2023, at the end of the both the rounds, Abhijit became the winner of Ticket to Finale of Super Singer 9. With this he became the first finalist of this season.

On 20th May 2023, after Round-1 of Ticket to Finale, Abhijit came one step closer in this race to become first finalist.

Super Singer 9 Danger Zone Contestants

On 28th May 2023, at the end of Semi-finals, Abhijit, Pooja and Aruna became finalists. While Priya Jerson and Prasanna will compete for public votes to become the finalist.

On 7th May 2023, the bottom 2 contestants in danger zone are Priya Jerson and Dinesh. Let’s see who manages to enter in the Top 5.

On 29th April 2023, Prasanna, Karthik and Dinesh were the bottom 3 contestants of danger zone.

Super Singer 9 Eliminations

On 25 June 2023, at the end of the finale, Aruna became the winner of Super Singer 9 while Priya Jerson became first runner-up of this season.

On 11 June 2023, from all the wildcard singers, Prasanna got highest votes and became 5th finalist of Super Singer 9.

On 3 June 2023, from the bottom 2 contestants i.e. Prasanna and Priya Jerson, Prasanna got eliminated from Super Singer 9 and we got Top 4 finalists.

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Sr No.Contestant NameStatus
1Anantha GopanEliminated
(25 February 2023)
2Aparna NarayananEliminated
(4 March 2023)
3Abhijit Anil Kumar3rd Runner-up
4Aruna SivayaWinner 🏆
5Chanderan ChanEliminated
(22 April 2023)
6Dinesh KumarEliminated
(13 May 2023)
7Emmanual EsclEenEliminated
(17 December 2022)
8Gowri SankarEliminated
(31 December 2022)
9Keshav RamEliminated
(5 February 2023)
(6 May 2023)
(24 December 2022)
(14 January 2023)
13Nishchitha GowdaEliminated
(7 January 2023)
14Pooja Venkatraman3rd Runner-up
15Priya Jerson1st Runner-up
16Priya PadmanabhanEliminated
(4 February 2023)
17Prasanna Adhisesha2nd Runner-up
(3 June 2023)
(8 April 2023)
19Sneha PadmanabhanEliminated
(18 February 2023)
(25 March 2023)
21Hari VigneshEliminated
(11 March 2023)
22Ancy MaryEliminated
(11 February 2023)

Super Singer 9 Super Five Zone

On 29th April 2023, Abhijit, Pooja and Aruna were the Top 3 singers of this week in the Super Three Zone.

On 23rd April 2023, Dinesh, Abhijit and Karthik were the Top 3 singers of this week in the Super Three Zone.

On 9th April 2023, Abhijit, Prasanna and Pooja were the Top 3 singers of this week in the Super Three Zone.

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  1. Very sad to note that Prasanna has been eliminated. What a lovely voice he has. Don’t be discouraged. You will be noted soon. All the best to you. We miss you a lot.

    • Couldn’t see the program but i guess the best won.. Arunakudos n congratulations Aruna..all finalists n contestants.. kudos.. it’s not easy to even being selected .. best wishes to.u all… God bless

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