Super Singer 9 Contestants Names, Top 5 Singers – 2022

Vijay TV is back with Tamil singing reality show Super Singer Season 9 (சூப்பர் சிங்கர் 2022) with Top 20 selected contestants.

Super Singer 9 started with mega musical battle (audition rounds), from which we got top 20 best selected singers for Super Singer Season 9.

Talking about the new format, all these Top 20 singers will compete in every week’s singing challenge. From them, every week we will get top 5 singers who will sit in the Super Five Zone.

We will also get bottom five contestants (every week based on judges scores) who will compete for the public votes. From them, the singer with least number of public votes will get eliminated from Super Singer Season 9.

Super Singer 9 will be judged by Anuradha SriRam, Unni Krishnan, Benny Dayal, and Shweta Mohan. While this ninth season will be host by MaKaPa Anand and Priyanka Deshpande.

Check out below for all the information such as contestants list with their image and hometown, start date, repeat telecast timing etc. of Super Singer 9.

Super Singer 9 Telecast Details

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Show Name Super Singer 9 (2022)
ChannelStar Vijay TV & Disney+ Hotstar
Start Date19th November 2022
Telecast TimeSat-Sun at 6:30 PM
Repeat TelecastSat at 7:00 AM
Sun at 7:30 AM

Super Singer 9 Contestants List

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Sr No.Contestant NameStatus
1Anantha GopanEliminated
(25 February 2023)
2Aparna NarayananEliminated
(4 March 2023)
3Abhijit Anil Kumar3rd Runner-up
4Aruna SivayaWinner 🏆
5Chanderan ChanEliminated
(22 April 2023)
6Dinesh KumarEliminated
(13 May 2023)
7Emmanual EsclEenEliminated
(17 December 2022)
8Gowri SankarEliminated
(31 December 2022)
9Keshav RamEliminated
(5 February 2023)
(6 May 2023)
(24 December 2022)
(14 January 2023)
13Nishchitha GowdaEliminated
(7 January 2023)
14Pooja Venkatraman3rd Runner-up
15Priya Jerson1st Runner-up
16Priya PadmanabhanEliminated
(4 February 2023)
17Prasanna Adhisesha2nd Runner-up
(3 June 2023)
(8 April 2023)
19Sneha PadmanabhanEliminated
(18 February 2023)
(25 March 2023)
21Hari VigneshEliminated
(11 March 2023)
22Ancy MaryEliminated
(11 February 2023)

**we will keep updating the contestants list

Super Singer 9 Promos

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Super Singer 9 started with a grand premiere on Saturday, 19th November 2022.

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  1. I felt Dinesh Kumar sang very well in the devotional round but he didn’t get to go to the safe seat!

    Abijhit Anil Kumar on the other hand was overly praised for a mediocre performance. Ullathil Nallama ullam have been sung by so many people, the yard stick for this classic is that the singing should melt you and make you cry. Abijhit singing did not have any emotion at all but the judges praised him !! Come on let’s be fair.

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