Super Singer 8 Junior Winner, 1st Runner-up Name, Prize Money – 2022

Vijay TV’s kids singing reality show Super Singer 8 Junior (2022) reached it’s LIVE grand finale with top 5 finalists.

Super Singer 8 Junior started on 19th December 2021 with 20 selected contestants who were divided in 2 teams i.e. Team Don Dada and Team Rowdy Baby.

After many amazing months, we got top 5 finalists who will sing at the LIVE finale for the last time.

From these top 5 finalists, based on the public votes one contestant will become the winner of this season.

The winner of Super Singer 8 Junior will get the Trophy 🏆 as well as house of ₹60 lakhs as a Prize Money 💵.

Super Singer 8 Junior Finalists

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Sr No.Contestant NameTeamStatusPrize Money
1RihanaDon Dada1st Runner-up ₹5 lakh
2KrishaangRowdy BabyWinner 🏆₹60 lakh house
3NehaDon Dada2nd Runner-up ₹3 lakh
4TrinitaRowdy BabyFinalistN/A
5AfinaRowdy BabyFinalistN/A

Super Singer 8 Junior Winner Details

The winner of Super Singer 8 Junior is Krishnaang. He got the Season 8 Trophy 🏆 as well as the house worth Rs. 60 lacs.

Winner Name: Krishnaang 🏆

1st Runner-up Name: Rihana

2nd Runner-up Name: Neha

Super Singer 8 Junior Winner Prediction

Looking at the entire journey, it looks like Rihana or Neha might become the winner of Super Singer 8 Junior. Let’s wait for the official results.

Super Singer 8 Junior Finale Timing

Talking about the date and timing of LIVE grand finale of Super Singer Junior, it was telecast on 26th June 2022 from 3pm onwards only on Vijay Television.

Stay connected with us for all the latest updates and news about the Grand Finale of Super Singer Junior Season 8.

176 Replies to “Super Singer 8 Junior Winner, 1st Runner-up Name, Prize Money – 2022”

  1. Vijay tv is running only for TRP waste of time and money so sad of Neha kutty every time is doing same thing worst judgement so sorry

  2. Hi !
    No matter who wins… But these kids should not go home empty handed. All five should be given some medal in recognition and cash prices… Not fair at all… Very sad and disappointed to hear the two go home empty handed…The organisers should think about this seriously… I am Very disappointed.


  3. Consistent performers with good performance and ability did not win, please do not come to super singer to go back with disappointment. Parents should not be promoting all this illness in the shows you decided to bring the kids even with illness so expect a fair competition and also Rihanna, what talent does she has other then giving unnecessary expressions throughout a song.
    Even if judges vote, they will choose Krishang too since the favoritism can be seen.

    • Agreed, can’t believe Neha 2nd runner up, Trinita, got nothing, so sad , how can public vote, and the judges, did a good job, but all for nothing, very disappointing

  4. Trinita should be the winner , she was the first finalist elected by the judges. This is the time Vijay tv should be think about the public voting system,it’s totally spoiled the show. Now this days you can hired people for voting,Regana talent is only for 4th place. This final results is totally unacceptable and unfair.

  5. All 5 finalists has to deserve, they need to get something, it’s so sad others two go with empty hand, not even medal. Poor organization, kids at kids, respect all, they all deserve something.

  6. Such a bad finals, as always. Even in the previous Super Singer the winner was already chosen by Vijay TV. I’m going to stop watching super singer get anymore.
    This is an manipulated reality show. Nobody should watch this. The real winner is never given the chance to win. This is pre determined show by Vijay TV. Rihanna is cute, but her performance is not anywhere close to Trinitta. Such a bad show.

  7. All the five children were talented and gave their best. The judgement should be left only with the judges who are qualified technically to decide the winner.

  8. The talented one really missed out. What does Rihanna been the best and totally disagree with the Vijay Tv vote system.

    • Vijay super singer must be banned.
      Every time the winner is already fixed.
      They are fooling people by asking us to vote.
      Children also get affected by this favouritism.
      Waste ,unfair programme.

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