Super Singer Junior 8 Elimination Today, Danger Zone, Best Performers

Super Singer Junior 8 Elimination Today, Danger Zone, Best Performers

Vijay TV’s kids singing reality show Super Singer Junior 8 (2022) got great start with top 20 selected contestants.

These 20 contestants are giving their 100% performances to win Golden Voice or Best Performer of the week award.

The contestants with least scores falls in danger zone and from them 1 contestants will get eliminated from Super Singer Junior Season 8.

This elimination will be based on number of votes received from viewers as well as judges scores.

On 25th-26th June 2022, we saw Set Final Round followed by the Grand Finale of Super Singer 8 Junior with Top 5 finalists.

Check out below for the elimination news, singers in danger zone as well as who got best performers, golden voice and best entertainer of the week.

Super Singer 8 Best Performer / Golden Voice

On 26th June 2022, Neha was declared as the Golden Voice of the Season.

On 12th June 2022, Neha was declared as the Golden Voice of the week while Krishaang was announced as the Best Performer and Rihana as the Best Entertainer of the Week.

On 5th June 2022, Neha was declared as the Golden Voice of the week while Srimathi as the Best Entertainer of the Week.

Super Singer 8 Danger Zone Contestants

On 12th June 2022, the bottom 2 contestants in the danger zone are Afina (Team Don Dada) and Srimathi (Team Rowdy Baby).

On 5th June 2022, the bottom 2 contestants in the danger zone are Rihana (Team Don Dada) and Aditi (Team Rowdy Baby).

On 29th May 2022, the 2 contestants in the danger zone are Moses (Team Don Dada) and Aditi (Team Rowdy Baby).

Super Singer Junior 8 Elimination

On 26th June 2022, Krishnaang was declared as the winner of Super Singer 8 Junior. While Rihana as the 1st runner-up and Neha was declared as the 2nd runner-up of this season.

On 18th June 2022, from the last 2 contestants, Afina made into the Top 5 of Super Singer 8 Junior while Srimathi got eliminated.

On 11th June 2022, based on the public votes, Aditi (Team Rowdy Baby) got eliminated from Super Singer Junior Season 8 while Rihana got saved.

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Sr No.Contestant NameTeamStatus
1RamanaaDon DadaEliminated
(10 April 2022)
2VygaRowdy BabyEliminated
(5 March 2022)
3RihanaDon Dada1st Runner-up
4SrimathiDon DadaEliminated
(18 June 2022)
5KrishaangRowdy BabyWinner 🏆
6MosesDon DadaEliminated
(4 June 2022)
7SeethaDon DadaEliminated
(19 March 2022)
8HarikrishnanRowdy BabyEliminated
(14 May 2022)
9NehaDon Dada2nd Runner-up
10TrinitaRowdy BabyFinalist
11MithushreeRowdy BabyEliminated
(26 February 2022)
12SarveshDon DadaEliminated
(17 April 2022)
13AfinaRowdy BabyFinalist
(7 May 2022)
14AadyaDon DadaEliminated
(21 May 2022)
15VaibhavDon DadaEliminated
(27 March 2022)
16AvyukthDon DadaEliminated
(19 February 2022)
17AditiRowdy BabyEliminated
(11 June 2022)
18DeepanRowdy BabyEliminated
(2 April 2022)
19AathiRowdy BabyEliminated
(12 February 2022)
20DharshanaRowdy BabyEliminated
(12 March 2022)

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14 Replies to “Super Singer Junior 8 Elimination Today, Danger Zone, Best Performers”

  1. Looking at the promo clips, it looks like Aditi is out. Is it so? What a shame?
    I saw one where Rihanna was singing and she deserves to be in the final. Reminds me of Mufeeda’s elimination in SS 6 against Murugan

  2. Wellllllllll……..looks like they are hell bent on sending Aditi out. She performed much better than the scores given this week. When she is against Rihanna in the DZ, it is a forgone conclusion and Rihanna has been performing pretty well in the past few weeks- best performer or entertainer. Only she didn’t win the golden voice, but was consistently in the top 3-4 performers for many weeks now. So she should be saved as she is a finals material and Aditi has a realistic chance of being a finalist but the powers do not want it to happen it seems!!!! Not sure of there is another wild card round! Someone else who is not really in the top 5 group seems to be favored. Hmmm let the game begin!!

    • Hi All, Our Winner is Rihana Baby Only…But All are Good Singers.Trinita Baby will be Runner…All the best for All.

      Balasubramanian B

  3. I think the top 5 finalists will be Krishaang, Neha Trinita, Rihanna and Aditi. Any of these 5 can win the finals as each of the sing very well. Trinita, Neha and Krishang are very consistent and now Rihanna and Aditi are closing in as well.
    Srimathi is already in her 3rd DZ and Moses is exceptional with flute and so he is getting all the audition, but in singing the other 5 are definitely better. But the makkal mandram always has a diffeernet vote. Let us see

  4. Trainitha voice supper my vote trainitha
    Beacose nega is breliyan girl and supper voice

    My vote is Trainitha and nega

  5. My guess of final winners
    Trinita -1
    Neha – 2
    Krishang – 3
    Rihana – 4
    Moses – 5
    Aadya – some special prize

  6. Welllllll… it is going to be interesting to see the great ‘makkal mandram’ voting this week. Aadya kutty- real cutie with singing above her level. Afina- another very talented girl with a mesmerizing voice. Honestly both should be in at the expense of couple of others, but unfortunately Afina happened to slip a tiny bit in her singing and Aadya Kutty just lost to Trinita- a certain top 3 material- but she had more scores than a couple of others in the RB team. It will be tight race, but Afina will prevail although I would hate to see the cutie pie Aadya kutty leaving.

  7. Ms. Anjali Sharma- Why there isn’t a mention of Trinita and Rihanna winning the BIG PRIZES last week. It looks like the prizes were above the golden voice performances! That should find a place in the analysis.
    Trinita is just blowing everyone now and that performance by Rihanna and Trinita had the signature of Dr Punya all around!

  8. Trinita’s performance to enter the top 10 is amaaaaaaaazing. She just showed her versatility through this. I feel she let it go a bit early-could have held up a bit as that is a finale performance!! But with this kind of rise she will definitely give more memorable performances and will be a very tough competitor to Krishaang and Neha. These three kids are absolutely amazing!

  9. I could find the competent selected is with various aspects which is very good. However, it should be watched that the general pubic do not get felt that special concessions are given to lesser civilized persons. If so, it may be mentioned that to uplift them further, such minor concessions are provided.

    saw me nathan

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