Super Singer 8 Elimination Today | Vijay TV Super Singer 2021

Vijay TV’s music reality show Super Singer season 8 (2021) got a great start with their awesome top 20 contestants.

Super Singer 8 started it’s journey from 24th January 2021 with 9 hours long Grand Launch episode with performance of our contestants and the judges Anuradha SriRam, Unni Krishnan, Benny Dayal and Kalpana Raghavendar.

Now from the upcoming weekend, we will see the eliminations where the contestant with lowest score gets eliminated from the Super Singer 8.

On 18th-19th September 2021, we saw last week’s wild card round results (2 wild card winners) followed by the Pre-Finals round with Top 6 finalists of Super Singer 8.

On 11th-12th September 2021, we saw eliminated contestants of Super Singer 8 got another chance in the Wild Card Round. Based on the public votes, 1 from them will directly join the contestants in the Finale.

On 4th-5th September 2021, we saw Semi-final round with our top 5 semi-finalists along with the special guest Anirudh. At the end we got top 4 finalists of this season.

Super Singer 8 Best Performer

On 5th September 2021, the Best Performer of the Week was Bharat.

On 29th August 2021, Muthusirpi became the first finalist of Super Singer 8 as well as the Best Performer of the Week.

On 22nd August 2021, for the first time we got 2 Best Performers of the Week. They are Muthusirpi and Anu.

On 15th August 2021, once more time Bharat was declared as the Best Performer of the week.

Super Singer 8 Elimination Updates

On 19th September 2021, at the end of the Wild Card Round, Sridhar Sena and Maanasi joined the contestants in Finale as wild card entries.

On 5th September 2021, at the end of the semi-final round, Adithya got eliminated from Super Singer 8 and we got our top 4 finalists of this season.

On 29th August 2021, from the top 6 contestants, Maansi got eliminated from Super Singer 8 and we got top 5 semi-finalists.

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Sr No.Contestant NameTeamStatus
1Vrusha BaluAnuradh-UnniEliminated
(27th June 2021)
2Vanathi SureshBenny-KalpanaEliminated
(25th April 2021)
3Abhilash V.Anuradh-UnniFinalist
4Anu AnandBenny-KalpanaFinalist
5Kabhini MithraAnuradh-UnniEliminated
(20th Mar 2021)
6Sushmita NarasimhanAnuradh-UnniEliminated
(27th Feb 2021)
7Reshma ShyamBenny-KalpanaEliminated
(27th March 2021)
8Kanimozhi KabilaneAnuradh-UnniEliminated
(13th March 2021)
9Sridhar SenaAnuradh-UnniFinalist
(8th August 2021)
10Kumuthini PandianAnuradh-UnniEliminated
(17th April 2021)
11KJ IyenarBenny-KalpanaEliminated
(22nd August 2021)
12Maanasi KannanAnuradh-UnniFinalist
(29th August 2021)
13Balaji SriBenny-KalpanaEliminated
(16th May 2021)
14Adithya KrishnaBenny-KalpanaEliminated
(5th September 2021)
15Aravind KarneeswaranBenny-KalpanaEliminated
(25th July 2021)
16Bharat RajeshBenny-KalpanaFinalist
17Jakkulin MaryBenny-KalpanaEliminated
(6th March 2021)
18Puratchi ManiAnuradh-UnniEliminated
(3rd April 2021)
(11th July 2021)
20Muthu SirpiAnuradh-UnniFinalist
(Ticket to Finale)

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