Super Dancer Chapter 4 Winner, Runner-up Names, Prize Money

Sony TV’s kids dance reality show Super Dancer Chapter 4 (Super Dancer 2021) reached it’s grand finale episode with top 5 finalists.

Super Dancer Chapter 4 started with 15 contestants and now from them, we got Super 5 dancers who will compete in the Finale.

On the Grand Finale of SD4, we will see some special guests like Badshah, Terence Lewis, and Raghav Juyal. They will be here to celebrate the Nachpan ka MahaMahotsav.

On the climax day, we will see final performances of our top 5 finalists. It will be followed by the 1st and 2nd runner-ups declaration and the winner announcement.

The winner of Super Dancer 4 will get the trophy 🏆, prize money of Rs. 15 lakhs 💸

Super Dancer Chapter 4 Finalists

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Sr No.Contestant NameSuper GuruStatusPrize Money
1Florina GogoiTusharWinner15 Lakh
2Pruthviraj KongariSubhranil1st Runner-up1 Lakh
3Neerja TiwariBhawna4th Place1 Lakh
4Esha MishraAshish5th Place1 Lakh
5Sanchit ChannaVartika2nd Runner-up1 Lakh

Super Dancer Chapter 4 Winner Details

Florina-Tushar were declared as the winner of Super Dancer Chapter 4 while Pruthviraj-Subhranil were ended up as the 1st runner-up.

Winner Name: Florina 🏆

1st Runner-up Name: Pruthviraj

2nd Runner-up Name: Sanchit

Super Dancer Chapter 4 Winner Prediction

As per our prediction, Sanchit or Florina might become the winner of Super Dancer Chapter 4.

Super Dancer Chapter 4 Unofficial Poll

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299 Replies to “Super Dancer Chapter 4 Winner, Runner-up Names, Prize Money”

  1. I think Neerja should’ve won, Florida’s dance was the same every week, got boring after a few weeks, but Esha was also very good, lots of variety in her dances

  2. Don’t think Sanchet deserved to win bcoz he dances only one form thought no doubt superlative.
    But to be a super dancer one needs to show diversity in talent which he grossly lacked. He was good onlybin one form.
    That’s why he didn’t deserve to win.

  3. Yes really Sanchit deserves to win the title, no other, this is not the decision of public, but decided by channel only.

  4. Florina should never have won. She has an expressionless face while dancing. Obviously winners are decided in advance! We need more credible judges.

  5. Prithviraj must be winner they must decided all because last name shatty super Guru that’s why they winner that’s not fair only 1lakh 2nd runner up

  6. Sanchet should have won. His dancing is at international level. But the show is set up. They decide whom to give trophy.
    I haven’t seen anyone dancing like Sanchet. He should come to America and make his name. Show is corrupt in India.

  7. Pruithviraj could won because he is very poor but florina won……..

    No florina deserves this golden trofee and rs. 15

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