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Anupama falls unconscious, Devika consoles her

Star Plus’s serial Anupamaa is up for new high voltage drama in the upcoming story where Anupama falls unconscious after seeing Vanraj-Kavya’s romance. So far we have seen that Anupama witness Vanraj and Kavya doing romance in the bedroom. Anupama is heartbroken seeing all this and she falls unconscious. Vanraj-Kavya gets shocked seeing Anupama on…

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Image Credits: Star Plus

Anupama catches Vanraj Kavya red-handed

Star Plus’s most popular serial Anupamaa is ready to take a shocking twist where Anupama catches her husband Vanraj and Kavya in the bedroom. So far we have seen that Kavya got very angry after Vanraj denied to come to the temple for marriage. Kavya decides to go to Vanraj’s house and let him choose…

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