Splitsvilla 13 Elimination, Contestants in Dumping Zone

MTV’s dating reality Splitsvilla started season 13 for the year 2021 with great contestants.

These contestants will create a connection and compete in each and every challenge to become the winner of Splitsvilla X3.

During this journey, we will also see more contestants joining this season as a part of wild card entries from the special place called Wild Villa.

On 2nd October 2021, we saw our top 2 finalists competed at the Grand Finale challenge of Splitsvilla 13.

On 25th September 2021, we saw our contestants performed in the challenge to enter in the Semi-finals. It was followed by the semi-finale challenge.

On 18th September 2021, we saw results of last week’s Dress To Kill challenge. It was followed by the last dome session of this season.

Splitsvilla 13 News

On 2nd October 2021, the top 2 finalists Jay-Aditi and Shivam-Pallak competed in the Finale Challenge named Love Conquers. At the end, Jay-Aditi became winner. Jay-Aditi took 2 mins 20 secs while Shivam-Pallak took 11 mins 51 secs to complete this task.

On 25th September 2021, during the semi-final challenge, Shivam-Pallak added a ring of set in pole and became the first finalists of Splitsvilla 13 (2nd finalist reveal in next week)

On 18th September 2021, Kat-Kevin got ejected from Splitsvilla. Later on, Samruddhi-Trevon gone in front of Oracle to test whether they are ideal or not. But at the end, they were declared not ideal match and as a repercussion, they got dumped from Splitsvilla 13.

Splitsvilla 13 Elimination – Dumping Zone

On 2nd October 2021, Jay-Aditi became the 2nd finalists after defeating Dhruv-Sapna and Nikhil-Bhoomika. At the climax, Jay-Aditi and Shivam-Pallak competed to win the final challenge.

On 25th September 2021, Piyush-Avantika got eliminated from Splitsvilla 13. And at the end we got rop 4 semi-finalists.

On 18th September 2021, Kat-Kevin got disqualified from Splitsvilla 13 after Kevin hit Shivam during the last challenge. It was followed by the dome session were Samruddhi-Trevon got dumped from Splitsvilla.

Splitsvilla X3 Boys:

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Sr No.NameAgeHometownInDumped by/Lost toStatus
1Kevin Almasifar24Pune, IndiaSilver VillaN/ADisqualified
(18th September 2021)
2Vyomesh Koul22Delhi, IndiaSilver VillaN/AQuit
(19th June 2021)
3Jay Dudhane23Mumbai, IndiaSilver VillaN/AWinner
4Samarthya Gupta24Jammu, IndiaSilver VillaDhruv-SapnaEliminated
(11th September 2021)
5Dhruv Malik19Punjab, IndiaGolden VillaN/AEliminated
6Trevon Dias25Goa, IndiaSilver VillaN/AEliminated
(18th September 2021)
7Shivam Sharma24Delhi, IndiaGolden VillaN/A1st Runner-up
8Nikhil Malik23Delhi, IndiaGolden VillaN/AEliminated
9Gary Lu21Dehradun, IndiaSilver VillaKat-KevinEliminated
(17th July 2021)
10Devashish20Mumbai, IndiaSilver VillaKat-KevinEliminated
(15th May 2021)
11Piyush Manwani21Indore, IndiaSilver VillaN/AEliminated
(25th September 2021)

Splitsvilla X3 Girls:

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Sr No.NameAgeHometownInDumped by/Lost toStatus
1Samruddhi Jadhav24Pune, IndiaSilver VillaN/A
(18th September 2021)
2Riya Kishanchandni22Mumbai, IndiaSilver VillaArushiEliminated
(29th May 2021)
3Nikita Bhamidipati19Mumbai, IndiaSilver VillaDhruv-SapnaEliminated
(11th September 2021)
4Pallak Yadav23Chandigarh, IndiaGolden VillaN/A1st Runner-up
5Arushi Chib22Jammu, IndiaSilver VillaKat-KevinEliminated
(21st August 2021)
6Aditi Rajput26Dehradun, IndiaSilver VillaN/AWinner
7Janvi Sikaria27Kolkata, IndiaSilver VillaKat-KevinEliminated
(15th May 2021)
8Bhoomika Vashisht24Delhi, IndiaGolden VillaN/AEliminated
9Avantika Sharma24Shimla, IndiaSilver VillaN/A
(25th September 2021)
10Azma Fallah22Pune, IndiaSilver VillaNikhilEliminated
(10th April 2021)
11Kat Kristian23Assam, IndiaSilver VillaN/ADisqualified
(18th September 2021)
12Shweta Nair24MumbaiSilver VillaNikhilEliminated
(10th April 2021)
13Sapna Malik21Chandigarh, IndiaGolden VillaN/AEliminated

Splitsvilla 13 Ideal Match Couples

On 11th September 2021, Nikhil-Bhoomika went infront of Oracle and they were announced as an Ideal match.

On 21st August 2021, Shivam-Pallak went infront of Oracle and they were declared as an Ideal match.

On 31st July 2021, Sapna-Dhruv gone infront of Oracle and they were declared as an Ideal match.

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10 Replies to “Splitsvilla 13 Elimination, Contestants in Dumping Zone”

  1. Really……if they went in front of oracle,all friends are not a ideal match.(Shivam and pallak ) (Nikhil and bhumika )can be ideal match but vyomesh and aarushi trevon and samruddi not…..Amazing.i am big fan of spiltvilla ,but this time i feel all are scripted ……Deserving person were out due to consequences.if shivam is seriously injuried then how can he perform well in semi finale.

  2. I’m totally agree….
    Boom baam gang tho suru se he favourite tha…jai, shivam or nikhil kitni v galtiya kre unka kuch nhi hota..or baki kuch kre tho nikal do bas….
    Kevin or kat se teeno ko haarne ka dar tha esliye use nikal diya….
    Katvin deserve to win the Splitsvilla 13

  3. Wild villa se Piyush,Samruddhi,Avantika and Samarthya aayege tho ab Samruddhi,Avantika and Samarthya je aage se eliminated hta do plz

  4. Bhoom bham gang deserve. The rest follow like sheep on the masters call of Keven almasifar. Keven is a showoff.

  5. Show bhut jyada partial ho gya h sare k sare twist bumbam gang to save krne k liye hote h koi na koi situation create kr di jati h taki sb kuch bum bam gang k faver me jay, koi jeete koi haare pr bhala firf bumbam gang ka hi hota h

  6. Sir,
    Ranvijay sir koi interesting bandi ko lekr aao vaildcard entry me jo episode me masala lga de

    Jaise ki…..

    Karishma talwar

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