Splitsvilla X3 Elimination, Contestants in Dumping Zone

MTV’s dating reality Splitsvilla started season 13 for the year 2021 with great contestants.

These contestants will create a connection and compete in each and every challenge to become the winner of Splitsvilla X3.

During this journey, we will also see more contestants joining this season as a part of wild card entries from the special place called Wild Villa.

On 17th April 2021, we will see 3 challenges that is given to the 2 wildcard entries of the Splitsvilla. Let’s see who wins this task.

On 10th April 2021, we saw 2nd dome session of this season followed by the 2 wildcard entries Sapna and Devashish (winners of Wild Villa) entered in the Splitsvilla X3.

On 3rd April 2021, we saw splitsvillans performed in trio in the Golden Opportunity challenge.

Splitsvilla X3 News

On 3rd April 2021, Team Kat (Kat, Kevin, Palak) and Team Riya (Riya, Dhruv, Nikita) won the Golden Opportunity challenge.

On 27th March 2021, Vyomesh and Azma won the Silver Connection’s Musical Hug and Tug challenge.

Splitsvilla X3 Dumping Zone Contestants

On 10th April 2021, the 3 girls in the dumping zone were Shweta, Avantika, and Azma.

On 20th March 2021, the 5 girls in the dumping zone were Arushi, Riya, Shweta, Jhanvi, and Azma.

Splitsvilla X3 Elimination

On 10th April 2021, Shweta and Azma was dumped by Nikhil. He choose and saved Avantika.

On 20th March 2021, Vyomesh-Bhumika appeared infront of the Oracle. But they were not the ideal match and Bhumika gone to Silver Villa.

Splitsvilla X3 Boys:

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Sr No.NameAgeHometownInDumped by/Lost toStatus
1Kevin Almasifar24Pune, IndiaGolden VillaN/ACompeting
2Vyomesh Koul22Delhi, IndiaGolden VillaN/ACompeting
3Jay Dudhane23Mumbai, IndiaSilver VillaN/ACompeting
4Samarthya Gupta24Jammu, IndiaSilver VillaN/ACompeting
5Dhruv Malik19Punjab, IndiaSilver VillaN/ACompeting
6Trevon Dias25Goa, IndiaSilver VillaN/ACompeting
7Shivam Sharma24Delhi, IndiaSilver VillaN/ACompeting
8Nikhil Malik23Delhi, IndiaGolden VillaN/ACompeting
9Gary Lu21Dehradun, IndiaSilver VillaN/ACompeting
10Devashish20Mumbai, IndiaSilver VillaN/ACompeting

Splitsvilla X3 Girls:

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Sr No.NameAgeHometownInDumped by/Lost toStatus
1Samruddhi Jadhav24Pune, IndiaSilver VillaN/ACompeting
2Riya Kishanchandni22Mumbai, IndiaSilver VillaN/ACompeting
3Nikita Bhamidipati19Mumbai, IndiaSilver VillaN/ACompeting
4Pallak Yadav23Chandigarh, IndiaSilver VillaN/ACompeting
5Arushi Chib22Jammu, IndiaSilver VillaN/ACompeting
6Aditi Rajput26Dehradun, IndiaSilver VillaN/ACompeting
7Janvi Sikaria27Kolkata, IndiaSilver VillaN/ACompeting
8Bhoomika Vashisht24Delhi, IndiaSilver VillaN/ACompeting
9Avantika Sharma24Shimla, IndiaGolden VillaN/ACompeting
10Azma Fallah22Pune, IndiaSilver VillaNikhilEliminated
(10th April 2021)
11Kat Kristian23Assam, IndiaGolden VillaN/ACompeting
12Shweta Nair24MumbaiSilver VillaNikhilEliminated
(10th April 2021)
13Sapna Malik21Chandigarh, IndiaSilver VillaN/ACompeting

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