Shubharambh: Raja Rani to participate in Garba-Dandiya competition

In the upcoming story of Shubharambh, viewers will see some interesting twist where Raja and Rani to participate in the Garba-Dandiya competition.

So far we have seen that Jarna’s family decides to get her daughter engaged with Mehul and Rani’s family decides Rani’s engagement with Dipen.

Raja is very much upset with Jarna’s this decision to get married to Mehul.

On the other hand, Rani is also confused with Dipen’s character and to know each other she decides to spend some time with Dipen before engagement.

Later we will see everybody will go to the Garba-Dandiya program.

Raja-Rani to participate in Garba-Dandiya competition

In this program we there will be a Garba-Dandiya competition and the winner will get Rs. 20,000/-.

Everybody is very happy hearing this competition news especially Rani.

But now we will see a twist where Raja will get to know Dipen’s real identity on why he wants to marry Rani.

Later we will see Raja will expose Dipen’s real face before Rani and Raja will take part in the competition with Rani.

Now it would be interesting to see whether Raja-Rani will win this dandiya competition or not.

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