Shubharambh: Raja helps Rani to complete her job (Upcoming Story)

Shubharambh: Raja helps Rani to complete her job (Upcoming Story)

In the upcoming story of Shubharambh serial, Raja will be seen helping Rani to successfully complete her job.

So far we have seen Raja-Rani and their families introduction in the previous episodes.

Rani is a very hard working girl who is doing everything to keep her mother happy.

Rani earned Rs. 4000/- to buy shoes for her mother but her dream fails due to her house roof collapse and give Rs. 2000 for its renovation.

Raja helps Rani in her job

Therefore to get more money to buy shoes, Rani visits Raja Suiting & Shirting for the job.

Here Raja’s cousin brother Mehul gives the job to Rani and she has to become a statue wearing saree.

Rani wears saree and starts her job but later on, she feels uncomfortable and thirsty.

Raja enters in the shop and gets shocked by seeing a very beautiful girl in the form of a statue.

Uncomfortable Rani requests Raja to help where Raja will help her secretly.

We will see a romance and some lovely moments bewteen Raja and Rani during all this.

Now it would be interesting to see whether Rani will earn the remaining money or not.

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