Shubharambh: Kirtida’s heart attack drama, Rani’s Griha Pravesh

In the upcoming story of Shubharambh, viewers will see an interesting twist where Kirtida does heart attack drama during Raja-Rani’s marriage.

So far we have seen that Kirtida accused Rani and family of exchanging the original jewelry with a fake one but Asha cleverly handled this.

Kirtida gets frustrated with Asha’s this move and swears to end Raja-Rani’s relationship before marriage.

On the marriage day, Kirtida executes her plan to ruin this wedding and does a heart attack drama.

Raja-Rani’s Griha Pravesh, Kirtida fumes in anger

Kirtida very well knows that Raja will cancel this marriage seeing his Moti Maa in this situation.

Here Asha will once again execute her smart move to defeat Kirtida and get succeed and Raja-Rani will happily get married.

Later on, we will see Mehul-Jarna and Raja-Rani’s Griha Pravesh in Reshammiya mansion but Kirtida fumes in anger seeing this.

Now it would be very interesting to see what will be Kirtida’s next move to harm Raja, Rani, and Asha.

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