Shubharambh: Kirdada’s masterplan to lock Raja-Rani in the storeroom

In the upcoming story of Shubharambh serial, viewers will see a very interesting twist where Kirdada plans to lock Raja and Rani in the storeroom.

So far we have seen that Raja’s mother decided that Raja will marry Rani just because of a deal that happened with Rani’s brother Utsav.

Raja and his brother Mehul are very much excited about their pre-wedding photoshoot.

Raja asks Rani for this photoshoot were she agrees on it.

But Kirdada is not happy with this and will do anything to stop Raja-Rani’s pre-wedding photoshoot.

Raja-Rani locked in the storeroom, Kirdada on cloud nine

Hence Kirdada creates a sinister plan to sabotage Raja and Rani’s pre-wedding photoshoot by making them locked inside the storeroom.

Kirdada gets successful in her plan to lock Raja-Rani so that they can’t do the photoshoot.

Now it would be very interesting to see whether Raja-Rani will be able to do their pre-wedding photoshoot or not.

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