Sanjivani 2: Vardhan's drama to berate Asha, Sid feels free

Sanjivani 2: Vardhan’s drama to berate Asha, Sid feels free

In the upcoming story of Sanjivani 2, loyal viewers will see an interesting twist with Vardhan’s drama to berate Asha. Sid-Ishani spends some lovely moments.

So far we have seen that Sid-Rahil gets successful to catch Dr. Asha red-handed.

Dr. Sid is shocked seeing Asha is indulged in malpractice.

Sid takes Asha in front of everyone and exposes her real truth that all conspiracy is done by her to ruin Sid’s career.

On the other hand, Vardhan interferes in between and start his own drama.

Vardhan smart move to save Asha, Sid-Ishani spends some romantic moments

Vardhan pretends to berate Asha and asks Sid-Ishani whether they have all proofs against Asha or not.

If they have all the proof then he will call a board meeting against Asha.

Vardhan very well knows that Sid don’t have any proof to show in the board meeting.

But Sid answers that they have all the proof to prove Asha a real culprit behind all this.

Later, Sid and Ishani will be seen enjoying this moment by spending some quality time with each other.

Now it would be interesting to see whether Vardhan will spoil all this by his another move to mismatch proofs.

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