Sanjivani 2: Vardhan plans to trap Sid, Ishani to expose Asha

In the upcoming story of Sanjivani 2, viewers will see an interesting twist where Vardhan plans to trap Dr. Sid by doing an operation without any permission.

So far we have seen that Dr. Sid resumes his job at Sanjivani but Vardhan has given him the last warning.

As we know Vardhan and Asha will leave any opportunity to trouble Sid and thus waits for Sid to do a mistake.

Now one complicated case at Sanjivani is attended by Dr. Rishabh where he suggests to cut the patient’s leg who is a footballer.

Ishani decides to expose Asha before Sid

On the other hand, Dr. Sid thinks that there is no need to cut the patient’s leg and takes that patient to Operation Theatre without permission from Rishabh or Dr. Shashank.

Sid was about to operate him where he recalls that this mistake could ruin his entire career.

Sid anyhow operates him and applies antibiotics on his leg and Sid says that now there is no need to cut the patient’s leg.

Vardhan has his eyes on Sid-Ishani’s actions and reaches to Operation Theatre to find Sid but Vardhan gets stunned as Sid was not present there.

Ishani also gets shocked seeing Vardhan and discuss this matter with Dr. Rahil where they come to the conclusion that Asha is also involved in this.

Ishani decides to reveal this news before Sid who is blindly believing Asha.

Now it would be interesting to see whether Sid will take over this case and how Ishani will reveal this to Sid.

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