Sanjivani 2: Sid-Ishani married, Mama Mami gets arrested

Star Plus’s serial Sanjivan 2 is ready for a happy ending in its last episode where Sid-Ishani gets married.

So far we have seen that some goons frame Dr. Sid for trying to kidnap Dr. Ishani, Police arrests Dr. Sid and Dr. Rahil.

All this is planned and executed by Ishani’s Mama and Mami as they want to separate Sid-Ishani, hence orders his goons to kill Sid and Rahil.

Later Sid and Rahil will understand that these are fake police and will fight with them.

Sid will also call the police and handover these goons to them.

Sid Ishani’s reunion, Happy ending!

On the other hand, Ishani is going to get remarried with Mr. Singh as she thinks that Dr. Sid betrayed her and here we will see a final twist.

Police will come with the goons and they will expose Mama-Mami’s real face.

Sid and Ishani get shocked after knowing that all this was planned by them and before 3 years, they stopped Dr. Sid to reach the wedding venue.

Later Mr. Singh will also handover Dr. Ishani to her real love Dr. Sid.

Sid and Ishani reunite and the love birds will marry in that mandap.

Happy Ending!

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