Sanjivani 2: Sid-Ishani failed Vardhan’s horrid plan, he hires goons

In the upcoming story of Sanjivani 2, viewers will see an interesting twist where Sid Ishani failed Vardhan’s plan to defame Anjali in a pregnant women scandal.

So far we have seen that Vardhan creates an evil plan to trap Dr. Anjali in a big scam to imprison pregnant women.

But Sid and Ishani had learned Vardhan’s bad trap and decides to save Anjali from this.

Later they shift all the pregnant women from the luxury ward failing Vardhan’s evil move.

Vardhan fumes in anger seeing his defeat and create another horrid plan.

Vardhan hires a murder to kill Sid or Ishani

Vardhan had decided to kill Sid or Ishani and hires a murderer to achieve this.

Later to kill Sid-Ishani, the murderer creates an illness drama and calls Dr. Sid and Dr. Ishani for the treatment.

Sid gets shocked seeing a man pointing a gun on Ishani.

Now it would be very interesting to see whether goons will harm Sid-Ishani or not.

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