Sanjivani 2: Mr. Singh organized a dinner party, Ishani hot in red saree

Star Plus popular daily soap Sanjivani 2 will showcase an interesting twist and turn in a dinner party.

So far we have seen that Sid got seizure attacks where Dr. Rishab and Dr. Ishani operated him to save his life.

During operation, Rishabh’s carelessness risks Sid’s life but he cleverly shifts all this blames on Ishani saying she gave overdose to Sid.

But later Sid’s health gets stable after giving antidots.

Dr. Ishani’s hot look in NV Singh’s party

Afterward, Mr. NV Singh declares a special dinner party at his house and invites all the doctors to attend it.

Dr. Ishani is still emotional after seeing Sid in that state and denies to attend the party.

But Bebe consoles Ishani and motivates to attend it and gets her ready.

Mr. Singh goes totally mesmerized seeing Ishani in a hot red saree.

Now it would be interesting to see what is the reason for this party.

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