Sanjivani 2: Mr. Singh helps Ishani to restart her profession

Sanjivani 2: Mr. Singh helps Ishani to restart her profession

In the upcoming story of Sanjivani 2, viewers will see an interesting drama where Mr. NV Singh helps Ishani to restart her doctor’s journey.

So far we have seen that Mr. Navratna Singh (Mr. Singh) becomes the new owner of Sanjivani hospital and he is Dr. Ishani’s husband.

Mr. Singh is taking full care of Ishani and she is in depression after Sanjivani’s accident.

Ishani doesn’t want to continue her medical profession as it will reminisce about her past.

But on the other hand, Ishani’s husband Mr. Singh wants her to re-continue her doctor’s profession as she one of the best doctors of Sanjivani.

Mr. Singh supports Ishani to wear doctor coat

Hence to achieve it, Mr. Singh creates a play by placing roses in his house and he has a rose allergy.

Later Ishani will notice the same and will give medical treatment to her husband.

And Mr. Singh will force her to give a chance to her profession forgetting her past.

Ishani has no other way and accepts the proposal and starts her profession from Sanjivani.

Now it would be very interesting to see what will happen when Dr. Sid will re-enter in Sanjivani after returning from America.

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