Sanjivani 2: Mr. Singh appoints new doctor for Dr. Sid, Ishani upset

Star Plus’s serial Sanjivani 2 is up for the high voltage drama in the coming track.

So far we have seen that Dr. Ishani created a deal with Mr. Singh for Sid’s treatment and her divorce.

Ishani wants to free her from Mr. Singh’s relationship as well as want her answers from Dr. Sid.

But later Dr. Ishani will learn a shocking truth on Dr. Sid’s health condition.

She will get shocked after seeing Dr. Sid’s brain’s MRI report.

In that report it was clearly mentioned that Dr. Sid will never get cured from this disease.

Ishani now doubts on Mr. Singh’s and suspects that this is why he has accepted that deal.

Mr. Singh appoints Dr. Mehta for Sid, Avoid Dr. Ishani

On the other hand, after this allegations from Ishani, she will get to know that Mr. Singh has already appointed a surgeon Dr. Mehta.

And this disease is curalbe and Dr. Mehta will take care of Dr. Sid.

But Mr. Singh also requests Dr. Mehta that Ishani will not assist him in this case and he can choose any other co-doctor for it.

Now it would be interesting to see whether Dr. Ishani will leave Dr. Sid’s case or she will still assist Dr. Mehta.

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