Sanjivani 2: Ishani’s smart move to find Vardhan’s truth

In the upcoming story of Sanjivani 2, viewers will see an interesting drama where Dr. Ishani tries to find Vardhan’s truth from Neeti.

So far we have seen that Sid, Ishani, Rahil, and Neil joined hands to expose Vardhan’s real face in front of everybody but for that they need proof.

To collect proof, Ishani tried her best to get a prescription from Vardhan’s cabin as a part of their proofs.

But they very well know that this is not a enough evidence to expose Vardhan and prove Sid innocent.

Therefore Sid calls his technical friend to get the call details of Mr. Vardhan.

Ishani request Neeti to speak truth

Sid’s friend will get all the details but Vardhan executes his clever move and kidnaps that guy. Sid and others get upset with this.

Later from Dr. Juhi, Vardhan learns that Dr. Shashank is coming back tomorrow.

Ishani feels heartbroken and luckily meets Neeti (Sid’s sister). Ishani questions why she is doing all this with her brother.

Neeti gives a shocking answer that the person who is blackmailing her is very dangerous and she is doing all this to save her brother.

Now it would be very interesting to see whether Neeti will take Vardhan’s name or not.

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