Sanjivani 2: Ishani challenges Asha to save Sid from the conspiracy

In the upcoming story of Sanjivani 2, audience will see a high voltage drama where Ishani challenges Asha to save Dr. Sid from all this conspiracy.

Till now we have seen that Ishani suspects that Asha is behind all the things that are happening with Dr. Sid and she is the real culprit.

Dr. Sid is happy as he got a new surgery assigned by Dr. Juhi.

Ishani confronts Asha and warns her that she knows that you are behind all this conspiracy and gave the drug to Sid by which he went unconscious in surgery.

Ishani challenges Asha to save Dr. Sid from all these evil plans against Dr. Sid’s career.

Sid faints again, Ishani does a blood test

As we know Sid is preparing for this new surgery where Dr. Asha executes her next move by mixing chloroform in Sid’s mask.

Before surgery, Dr. Sid faints on the floor once again. Ishani notices the same and takes care of Sid.

Ishani also requests Dr. Rahil to do Sid’s blood test to know why and how Sid goes unconscious again.

Sid and Ishani take the blood test report and is checking the same where Asha is tensed seeing Ishani-Sid checking it.

Now it would be interesting to see whether Sid will know that Asha is the real culprit behind all this or not.

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