Sanjivani 2: Dr. Sid shocked after knowing Dr. Shashank is his father – Spoiler Alert

In the upcoming story of Sanjivani 2, viewers may get a chance to see Dr. Sid-Dr. Shashank’s son-father suspense gets revealed.

As per the sources we got the news that evil Vardhan will play his trump card to destroy Sid-Shashank’s relation by revealing Sid is Shashank’s son.

Dr. Sid has good respect for Dr. Shashank as he is a senior most doctor of Sanjivani Hospital as well as his well-wisher too.

The only person whom Dr. Sid hates very much is his father because he left his mother Roshni and she had to bear much because of him.

Sid shattered knowing this relation

So now Vardhan will add a spicy twist by revealing the truth to Sid that he is a son of Dr. Shashank and Roshni.

Sid gets shattered after knowing that Dr. Shashank is his biological father and his mother has also kept this secret.

Angry Sid decides to confront Dr. Shashank on why he left Roshni and also questions on his fatherhood.

If this news is true then it would be very interesting to see whether Sid will forgive Dr. Shashank or not.

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  1. The actual truth SHOULD be that Roshini is NOT Shashank’s wife but his sister, and Sid is the son of Roshini & a doctor frnd of Shashank. Due to the affair Roshini ran away frm home & thus Shashank lost all touch with her. If this is made the story, it will be a big blow for Vardhan who believes that Sid is Shashank’s son. It should so happen that when V announces to the world abt S-S relation, Roshni comes there & blurts out the actual truth. This would solve all complications.

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