Sanjivani 2: Dr. Sid is Dr. Shashank’s real son, Asha shocked

In the upcoming story of Sanjivani 2, viewers will get an intriguing twist unfolds that Dr. Sid is Dr. Shashank’s real son.

So far we have seen that Dr. Sid gets unconscious during CP’s surgery, everybody gets angry over Sid.

Later Dr. Shashank confronts Sid for the explanation and at the end suspends Sid from Sanjivani.

On the other hand, Vardhan’s puppet Dr. Asha is still confused about why Vardhan is targeting Dr. Sid.

Vardhan unfolds Shashank-Sid’s father-son relationship

Dr. Asha asks the real motive behind this where Vardhan unfolds a hidden truth that Dr. Sid is Dr. Shashank and Roshni’s son.

Asha gets shocked post hearing this confession.

On the other side, Dr. Ishani and Dr. Rahil decide to reveal the actual truth behind Sid’s unconsciousness.

Now it would be interesting to see how Ishani-Rahil will prove Sid innocent in Board Meeting of Sanjivani.

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One Reply to “Sanjivani 2: Dr. Sid is Dr. Shashank’s real son, Asha shocked”

  1. Sangivani
    It is very good serial… My sister’s like that serial…
    I have one question
    That is.. In sangivani
    Sid is the son of DR. Shashank..

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