Sanjivani 2: Dr. Rahil force Mr. Singh to take action against Dr. Ishani

Star Plus popular TV show Sanjivani is ready for the intensive drama and twist.

So far we have seen that Dr. Rishab put all allegations on Dr. Ishani for giving overdose to Sid and later Mr. Singh announced a party at his house.

At the party, all doctors and nurses are invited but they all are still unaware of the reason behind this party.

On the other hand, Bebe dressed up Dr. Ishani a hot red saree to mesmerize Mr. Singh.

As soon as Ishani enters the party, Mr. Singh gets admired by Dr. Ishani’s hot avatar.

Mr. Singh tensed with Dr. Rahil’s drama

Thereafter Mr. Singh reveals the real reason behind this party and the reason is to appreciate all efforts given by all members to Sanjivani Hospital.

With this, Mr. Singh also gave a car as a surprise gift to everybody on which intoxicated Dr. Rahil fumes in anger.

Dr. Rahil questions on this party and force Mr. Ratan Singh to take action against Dr. Ishani for her carelessness towards Sid.

Now it would be very much interesting to see whether Mr. Singh will take action against his wife Dr. Ishani or not.

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