Sanjivani 2: Dr. Ishani creates a deal with Mr. Singh

Star Plus serial Sanjivani 2 is ready for the intensive drama and twist in the upcoming storyline.

We had already reported that Sanjivani 2 will go off-air from March and it 100% confirmed by the producer on Twitter.

Now regarding the current story, we saw that Ishani is very much disturbed after Sid’s recovery from the coma state.

Mr. Singh and other doctors very well know that Dr. Ishani can cure Dr. Sid’s disease but she is not ready with it.

On the other hand, Ishani also requested Mr. Singh many times to free her from the fake marriage relation by giving her divorce.

But Mr. Singh truly loves Ishani and is taking full care of her and is not ready to give divorce.

Ishani’s divorce deal, Mr. Singh stunned

Later Ishani creates a good plan to free her from this relation.

Ishani creates a deal with Mr. Singh that she will do Dr. Sid’s treatment but in return, Mr. Singh will have to sign the divorce papers.

Mr. Singh gets stunned hearing this and feels heartbroken.

Now it would be very interesting to see whether Mr. Singh will accept this condition by leaving his love or not.

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  1. Please aap yeh kyun khiche ja rahe hai
    Ishani aur Sid ko ek sath dikhaye
    Sid ki memory vapas la ke unako ek kijiye
    Yeh Ishani n N V ka drama dikhana bandh kijiye

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