Sanjivani 2: Dr. Asha’s drama to spoil Dr. Sid’s surgery

In the upcoming story of Sanjivani 2, the audience will see a very interesting twist where Dr. Asha does fake drama to spoil Dr. Sid’s surgery.

So far we have seen that Sanjivani got a high profile case of Commissioner of Police (CP) and Dr. Sid is going to operate him.

Meanwhile, Dr. Sid also gets an order of another surgery as well.

But Vardhan has some evil ideas to spoil this and thus he orders her puppet, Dr. Asha, to do drama that is locked in the bathroom.

Vardhan just wants that Dr. Sid should not reach Sanjivani on time and Dr. Shashank should snatch CP’s surgery case from Dr. Sid.

Asha follows the order and creates a drama that leads that Dr. Sid reaches late in hospital. Dr. Shashank gets upset on Sid and gives the last warning and instructs him to prepare for the high profile case.

Vardhan executes his another move to ruin CP’s surgery

Dr. Sid gets demotivate with this incident but Dr. Ishani helps and encourages Sid to boost his morale.

Vardhan calls Dr. Asha to come to Sanjivani to give good wishes to Sid and orders to bring prasad (sweet) with her. He mixes something in it.

Dr. Sid eats that prasad and during CP’s operation, Sid will lose his sense. This creates a muddle in CP’s operation.

Later on, we will see Media gets this news and Dr. Shashank gets angry over Sid and asks for clarification.

Now it would be interesting to see whether Dr. Shashank will handle this situation or not.

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