Sanjivani 2: Asha to trap Ishani in her new plan

Sanjivani 2: Asha to trap Ishani in her new plan

In the upcoming track of Sanjivani 2, viewers will see Asha’s fake drama to trap Ishani.

So far we have seen that Dr. Asha again interferes with Sid’s patient (Kripa) which in turn creates risk for Kripa’s life.

Kripa’s husband fights with Dr. Sid and hit him very hard. Ishani and Rahil save Sid from Kripa’s husband’s anger.

Ishani is very much sure that something wrong is done with Kripa’s reports and it is done by none other than Asha.

Ishani-Asha’s major confrontation

Dr. Ishani hence decides to confront Asha and ask her why she is doing all this to ruin Dr. Sid’s career.

Double-faced Asha does a melodrama with crocodile tears in front of Ishani.

Asha replies that she is not doing all this and somebody is blackmailing her to destroy Sid’s career.

Now it would be interesting to see whether Ishani will believe Asha’s crocodile tears or not and Asha will take Vardhan’s name as a mastermind?

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