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Roadies Revolution Elimination Today | MTV Roadies Vote Out

MTV India started the 18th season of Roadies journey as Roadies Revolution by selecting the top 20 contestants which include 12 boys and 8 girls.

These top 20 roadies compete in different-different tasks every week to get immune and stay safe from elimination (vote out).

On 16th January 2021, at the Grand Finale we will see the final task of this season which is divided in 3 stages. Let’s wait and watch to see who will become the winner of Roadies Revolution.

On 9th January 2021, we saw a semi-final challenge named Battle Stars where the remaining 6 Roadies competed to secure their space in the Grand Finale of Roadies Revolution.

On 2nd January 2021, we saw an immunity distribution followed by the Ticket To Finale task and the last shocking vote-out of this season.

On 26th December 2010, we saw another vote-out task named Dum Lagake Charades between all the 4 teams. 1 Roadie from the losing team will got eliminated from the Roadies Revolution.

On 19th December 2010, we saw a very first task with all the 4 formed teams. Along with this we had also seen Prince’s returned to Roadies journey and a double vote-out twist.

On 12th December 2010, we saw a surprise vote-out task where 1 from the non-immune Roadies said good bye to this journey.

On 5th December 2010, we saw a knockout task named Drone Survival between Arushi and Sanjay. Arushi lost the task and got eliminated from the Roadies Revolution journey.

On 28th November 2020, we will see Pratibha’s disqualification as well as the double vote-out twist where Arushi and Sanjay will receive maximum number of votes to get eliminated from the Roadies.

On 21st November 2020, we saw a new task called Basket Brawl which was performed by Roadies in 2 teams. From them, the entire winning team of Hamid got immune.

On 14th November 2020, we saw a shocking double elimination twist by Rannvijay.

On 7th November 2020, we saw all the Roadies performed a new task named Light Out. Hamid, Abhimanyu, Poonam, and Michael earned immunity. Varun won another star.

MTV Roadies Revolution Vote Out News

On 9th January 2021, Jayant and Michael became the finalists of Roadies Revolution while Akash, Abhimanyu, Poonam, and Vipin got eliminated from the Roadies.

On 2nd January 2021, we saw Shreya and Abhimanyu were about to vote-out but Zabi replaced his safe position with Abhimanyu. So, in the last vote-out, Shreya and Zabi got evicted from the Roadies Revolution.

On 26th December 2020, we saw another vote-out task where Aman got eliminated from the Roadies journey.

On 19th December 2020, we saw a double vote-out where the 2 great Roadies Apoorva and Nisha got eliminated from the Roadies Revolution.

On 12th December 2020, Sanjay received maximum votes after the vote-out task. So, Sanjay Negi got eliminated from the Roadies Revolution’s journey.

On 5th December 2020, from Arushi Chawla and Sanjay Negi; Arushi got eliminated from the Roadies Revolution.

On 28th November 2020, Pratibha got disqualified from the Roadies Revolution after seeing a violation that she slapped Arushi.

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Sr No.Contestant NameStatusTeamLocationWork
1Abhimanyu SinghEliminated
(9 Jan 2021)
Team NehaBhopalHealth and
Wellness Coach
2Zabi KhanEliminated
(2 Jan 2021)
N/AHyderabadAnimal Rights
3Vipin KumarEliminated
(9 Jan 2021)
Team VarunLucknowYoutuber
4Sakib KhanEliminated
(1 Aug 2020)
5Akash VermaEliminated
(9 Jan 2021)
Team PrincePanipatPersonal trainer, Model
6Srishti SudheraEliminated
(24 Oct 2020)
N/ANoidaModel, Architect
7Dr. Pratibha SinghDisqualified
(28 Nov 2020)
8Michael Ajay1st Runner-upTeam NikhilBangaloreModel
9Arushi ChawlaEliminated
(5 Dec 2020)
N/ADelhiDancer, Actress
10Kevin AlmasifarEliminated
(24 Oct 2020)
N/APuneMMA Fighter
11Apoorva GoleEliminated
(19 Dec 2020)
N/AMumbaiKabaddi Player
12Sanjay NegiEliminated
(12 Dec 2020)
N/AUttarakhandFauji Brat
13Sapna MalikEliminated
(5 Sept 2020)
14Hamid BarkjiWinnerTeam NikhilDelhiCoffee Shop
15Tarandeep SinghEliminated
(14 Nov 2020)
N/ADelhiFashion Designer,
B. Tech
16Akshita SharmaEliminated
(22 Aug 2020)
N/AHaryanaFashion Designing
17Nisha DhaundiyalEliminated
(19 Dec 2020)
N/AChandigarhLecturer &
Fitness freak
18Kakoli MondalEliminated
(5 Sept 2020)
N/AKolkataActor/Gym Lover
19Jayant Yadav2nd Runner-upTeam VarunKolkataAthlete/Dancer
20Aman PoddarEliminated
(26 Dec 2020)
N/AKolkataFitness Freak
21Prakhar NarayanEliminated
(14 Nov 2020)
22Poonam ShahEliminated
(9 Jan 2021)
Team NehaMumbaiAthlete
23Shreya KalraEliminated
(2 Jan 2021)
Team NikhilIndoreN/A
Total Boys: 13, Total Girls: 10

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  1. True..Just like today the non performer roadie Sanjay Negi will be out and Aarushi Chawla the great roadie will go home..

  2. Judges should not use star, because somehow they are saving their favorite non performing roadies however other contestant paying Da cost… Like tarndeep out bcs of prathiba…..

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