Nazar: Pratimayan is mother of Vedashree and Mohana

In the upcoming track of Nazar, viewers will see an interesting twist to get unfold.

So far we have seen that new daayan Pratima (a.k.a Pratimayan) got existence who came out from that egg.

Prathimayan is the first daayan of this world from whom the evilness was spread.

The real motive of Pratimayan is to fight with God and Goddess of this world.

Vedashree shocked seeing her mother alive

Nishant Ji and Rathores are behind Ansh and Piya to save them from this witch.

Here Vedashree gets shocked seeing Prathmayan.

Later Prathmayan will reveal the secret that she is Vedashree and Mohana’s mother.

Now it would be interesting to see what will happen next in the storyline.

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