Nazar: New Daayan 'Pratima' marks entry in the show

Nazar: Piya’s Kali avatar ends Maha Yudh

The upcoming track of Star Plus show Nazar will showcase Piya taking Kali Maa avatar to overpower her Mohana and other enemies.

So far we have seen that after Ansh’s request Piya orders their enemies that she will do this Maha Yudh.

Here Piya’s father Dr. Nishant will give that sword to Piya and by which she starts attacking the enemies.

Pia’s Kali Maa avatar shocked Mohana

Later on with the help of Trinetra Mani, Pia will take a new avatar of Kali Maa.

Daayan Mohana get scared seeing Pia transformed in Kaali Maa avatar.

Piya overpowers her enemies with the super powers of Kali and ends this maha yudh.

We will also see leap of 6 years in the story line of Nazar.

Now it would be interesting to see what will happen next.

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