Naagin 4: Vishakha entry to help Nayantara, Brinda admits she is icchadhari Naagin

In the upcoming story of Naagin 4, viewers will see an interesting twist with Vishakha’s entry in Nayantara’s life and a twist that Brinda admits that she is icchadhari naagin.

So far we have seen that Nayantara is not the real icchadhari naagin and the daughter of Manyata.

Now we will see that Manyata will learn that Brinda is her daughter who is an icchadhari naagin and confronts Brinda.

But here Brinda is scared and refuses to believe that she is a naagin.

Later after Manyata’s tactic, Brinda believes that she is a naagin and decides to take her father’s revenge from the Parekh family.

But now Manyata is tensed learning Brinda’s decision to marry Dev which will make her a normal human jeopardizing all her supernatural powers.

New entry Vishakha helps Nayantara with a motive

On the other hand, Dev’s brothers will misbehave with Nayantara in a train where she warns to stay away from her.

Here naagin Vishakha will make her entry to save Nayantara with some hidden intentions.

The role of Vishaka (aka. Vish) will be once again played by a beautiful actress Anita Hassanandani.

Now it would be very interesting to see what is Vishakha’s real motive behind helping Nayantara and whether Brinda will marry Dev or not.

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