Naagin 4: Brinda vows to take revenge from Dev and family

In the upcoming story of Naagin 4, viewers will see an interesting twist where Brinda vows to kill Dev and Parekh family as revenge for Nayantara’s death.

Till now we have seen that Brinda married Dev and later admits that she is an ichchadhari Naagin and on the other hand Dev’s brothers misbehave with Nayantara and kill her brutally.

Brinda and Manyata fumes in anger seeing Nayantara in such condition and this is once again done by Parekhs.

Angry Brinda thinks that Dev is also involved in all this and vows to kill Dev and entire Parekh family.

Hence Brinda decides husband Dev as her first target and plans to kill him on the wedding night.

Dev-Brinda’s romance in the rain

Here Dev decorates their room for the first night and tries to touch Brinda with bhabhooti on his hand.

Brinda’s skin starts burning and she starts turning into naagin avatar.

But luckily Brinda will rush out of the room where we will see a sizzling romance between Dev-Brinda in the rain.

Now it would be very interesting to see whether Brinda will succeed in her revenge and is Nayantara dead and how Vishakha will make her entry.

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